When you deposit liquidity in a strategy pool you get an ERC20 token representing your share of the pool. The number of shares you receive is based on the following calculation:

F: extant shares of an existing liquidity management pool,

(x,y)(x,y) : the current pool composition and

(x0,y0)(x_0,y_0) : the capital user wants to deploy

(px,py)(p_x,p_y): the price of token0/token1 in USD

ff is the number of shares that will be minted, such that:

f=Fāˆ—x0px+y0pyxpx+ypyf = F*\frac{x_0p_{x} + y_0p_{y}}{xp_{x} + yp_{y}}

User will get

fāˆ—(1āˆ’p+m100)f*(1 - \frac{p+m}{100})

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