📈Publish a strategy

DefiEdge connects liquidity providers with strategy managers to streamline user investment in UniswapV3 pools. As a strategy manager, you will actively manage assets provided by users helping them take advantage of amplified yields in UniswapV3. Anyone can become a strategy manager. DefiEdge enables the creation of smart contracts where liquidity providers can deposit assets based on the past performance of strategy managers. In order to create a strategy click on the 'Create Strategy' button on the dashboard.

A strategy manager can publish their own strategy in five steps.

1. Provide a description of your strategy. You can also choose an icon for your strategy.

2. Choose the UniswapV3 pool you wish to base your strategy on and which tokens you will accept from liquidity providers.

3. Select the initial range for your strategy

4. Configure fees for your strategy.

5. Publish your strategy.

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